• Jun 6, 2018
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Media Filter System

Media Filter System

A Media filtration system can be used to remove particulate matter from water. There are several types of media filters including gravity and pressure filters.  Multimedia filtration is a well-established technology and is a standard system used in water treatment. Inlet water is introduced into the upper freeboard of the filter and water flows from top to bottom.  The bed is typically several feet deep and consists of layers of various grades and types of media.

Media are selected for the feed water characteristics and are specified in the Equipment List. The primary zone of filtration is the top third of the bed and most of the filtration occurs within this primary zone. Filtration is not just a surface filtration, but also an in-bed filtration. This characteristic of filtration offers a number of advantages such as the ability to retain particles throughout the medium channels, rather than purely on its surface. This significantly increases the filtration ability of the medium in comparison to other types of filtration processes and allows particles of different sizes to be filtered in the matrix.

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