Turn your floors into a radiator this winter with Hydronic Heating

  • Dec 14, 2016
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Renovating?  Before you start picking out paint chips and the tile for the kitchen, stop and think about what’s going to go underneath that tile.  We’re talking about Hydronic Heating and how it can bring comfort and save you money.  Though heating options are not nearly as exciting to think about, taking advantage of the options Therm Tech Ltd. Heating and Cooling has to offer can be what makes your house a home.


What is Hydronic Heating?

This energy-efficient alternative to traditional boiler systems provides even heat throughout your entire home.  Hot water or other heated radiant liquid runs through plastic pipes fixed into the existing floor joist or concrete slab foundation. Hydronic heating allows an even flow of heat without drafts or spikes in temperatures.


Why is Hydronic Heating right for your home?

Comfort – Avoid those cold floors in the morning that make it impossible to get out of bed in the morning.   Our system is also customizable for use in multiple rooms; no more fighting over the thermostat, set the temperature you like for your room without worrying about affecting the heat of the rest of the house.


Health – Forced air heating systems tend to push allergens and dust around the house.  This makes filters necessary and changing those filters an annoying chore.  With Hydronic Heating you can avoid the cost and hassle of air filters while enjoying clean, allergen-free air quality.


Efficiency – Hydronic Heating is more energy efficient than forced-air heating systems.  This benefits both your wallet and the planet.  Water is a better conductor of heat than air, therefore it uses less energy to radiate the heat throughout your home.  This results in a lower heating bill for you and a reduction in your home’s carbon footprint.  Forced-air heating systems also create pressure which pushes heat out through any gaps in your insulation.  Because Hydronic Heating doesn’t affect the air pressure there is no risk of heat loss.  In fact, it has been shown that Hydronic Heating systems produce comfortable living conditions at 20-40% lower costs than traditional heat systems.


Why should you have Therm Tech Ltd. Install your Hydronic Heating?

Our commitment to our customers is to use the highest quality materials in a flexible tubing system to transform your floors into a large radiator.  We have been providing heat to the city of Toronto for over 10 years.  Let us show you how to make the most of your home this winter.


Just as important as your beautiful tile and hardwood is the heating system beneath it.  Before you lay down any new flooring, consider adding Hydronic Heating to your home and enjoy the benefits of even, energy efficient heat.


Call us today to find out more about Hydronic Heating in your home.